Artistís Statement


Humans are curious. We like to explore, explain and understand. I am no different. I have always been interested in the natural world around me and curious about how I fit in to that world. Our connection to the earth and heavens is undeniable. We are not just living on this planet we are part of this planet.

Through exploring outdoors, observing nature and reading I hope to gain knowledge. I am particularly interested in how we seek to explain or understand our environment, lives and relationships through myth, science and religion. I choose to focus more on how humans are similar rather than different from culture to culture.

I have been bringing animals, particularly birds, into my paintings more and more. Birds seem to have a special appeal to humans because of their ability to fly. Other animals seem to have a connection with the spirit world, as a messenger or medium.

Regeneration and the cycles of life are fascinating to me as well, the ever changing and repeating cycle. Cocoons, seeds and cells all have life giving and transformational properties and are recurring subjects in my work. These are all themes that I will be exploring on an ongoing basis through my artwork, which is a visual presentation of these diverse but connected ideas.